Growth & Marketing


Business Proposal & Strategy:

As a core instrument of our consultancy services, we carefully analyze your business model and then propose changes (if necessary). During this stage, we also develop a strategy which can support the new structure of the business.

Strategic Planning & Advice:

After strategy is developed and proposal is accepted, we help you plan and determine the timeline of the project. Occasionally, we do also advice to hold the project as per environmental or seasonal factors.

Business Development Advice:

This is very important and key area of our advice. We work with you very closely to make sure all the objectives are achieved and implemented properly.

Business Intelligence :

Terabyte helps you in making User Interactive designs for your business. User friendly design is one of the key things in making your business effective. Business Intelligence (BI) is usually very effective in large organization as it helps monitor timely performance for your business.

Leadership Training & Support:

Apart from User Interactive Design we also provide Leadership Training & Support. We study our client’s business model and based on a different model, we construct Business Interactive Designs. These designs are made by client’s regular inputs and exact requirements. After successful completion of the design we urge all our clients to get their staff well trained on the design so your business is no longer dependant on us.


Web Designing & SEO:

We do have professional web designer(s) and  content writers who  do branding of your business from scratch. In addition to our web development services, we also do Search Engine Optimization for our clients which helps them  getting popular quicker within their service sector.

Web/Email Hosting:

Many businesses face issues with their professional email hosting such as configurations, not cost effective or very difficult to manager. Terabyte provides this add-on Free of charge as an additional services. we do also provide support in case there is any issues in regards to Email or Web hosting.

Social Media Advertisement:


In today's world, social media advertisement is  key source of getting maximum business. Terabyte 's professionals help you to be visible on social media tools and applications.

Online Marketing :

Other than social media, we also do online campaigns where we publish articles on your business. Seasonally we do online publicity through seminars, workshops and advertisements.

Marketing Campaign:

We take this area very seriously and make sure your business brand is developing good rapport. sometimes marketing campaigns can be very disastrous due to lack of customer services training and product knowledge. We take this responsibility and deliver the campaign for your business through our well trained professional while your team observe and learn for next campaign.